Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And the hills cried out, TRAITOR!

What a weekend.
Am I ever exhausted. I've been avoiding writing this post out of pure shame! This weekend was a big reminder of why I eat the way I do. Because let me break this down for you.

This weekend, I got the incredible opportunity to work load and props for Blue Man Group! I cannot explain how amazing it was.
Friday wasn't too bad. I was up at 4:30am so that I was at the theatre for the 5:30am load in. I had a quick breakfast in preparation for unloading 6 semi trucks, FULL of motor cases, set pieces, video screens, decking, and everything else under the sun. So I worked my skinny white ass off, hauling gear. I will say this: I am SO happy that I have been working my arms and chest recently, because I was able to carry and push a lot more than what I would have been able to a few months ago! Hard work has been paying off!
Lunch was provided for us. I tried to make the healthiest choices with what was in front of me. Chicken sandwiches made with brown bread, and as many veggies and fruit as I could fit on my plate! Then, back to work.

So here's where the cheese slipped off of the cracker a bit.
Props for Blue Man Group includes a lot of food. Bananas, Cap'n Crunch, marshmallows, cream cheese, Twinkies, Jell-O.. The list goes on. So you get hungry working your ass off around food all day! Then came,
Lead Props Guy: "Hey Amber. Will you break this case of white Toblerone bars into 3 triangles each, and shave all the pointy corners off of them with this grater?"
Amber: "That's wacky, sure thing, man!"
Lead Props Guy: "It's not easy to break them off in 3's, so if you accidentally break off a wrong number, just eat 'em"
Amber: 'This is going to end badly. Badly, but tasty.'

Thankfully I mastered the fine art of Toblerone Sculpting with only 6 triangles of carnage. And I shared. :)
Supper, we walked to a restaurant where I had a veggie burger. BUT, although I opted for yam fries, I had the miso mayo dipping sauce too. I had such wicked heartburn all night during the show. It was easy to ignore my volcano belly because Blue Man Group is SO amazing, and I was running the whole night.
Saturday, I made sure to have a full breakfast with eggs, turkey bacon and whole wheat toast with peanut butter. Must fuel the machine! Them back to the theatre for a matinee. Between the break before the evening show, I went with the crew to a buffet Chinese food place. Although I filled myself with mostly salad, and tried to choose veggie dishes, I felt like a heap of shit shortly after. Weighed down, bloated, nauseous, tired... It's absolutely incredible how food can change your whole body!
Sunday, I tried to make better choices. But now working on a weekend of long hours and non-stop excitement, I forgot all about Friday's belly-fire and had the same veggie burger, yam fries and horrid mayo. Heartburn, we meet again. Then after the evening show, we had load out. Packing up all 6 semis! Hours after midnight when it was all said and done, I was starving. I wolfed down a couple of bananas and a cupcake that was backstage. A cupcake. After hostile negotiations with my stomach until 3:00am, my stomach decided enough was enough and evicted said cupcake from my body.

Thank you, body. For that vile reminder.

Next time, I promise to plan my meals in advance. Bring a lunch box with an emergency wrap, sandwich, granola bar, fruit and veggies for those moments when I just need fuel. This way, I won't be tempted to eat the only things I can find laying around.

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