Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crunch time!

April is such a busy month. I've been rehearsing for a show, memorizing lines, working on an audition piece, celebrating many birthdays (including my own), going to theatre, spring cleaning... the list goes on and on. So my blahging sort of went by the wayside. But aside from the copious amount of celebrating I've been doing this month, I've been sticking to clean eating as much as possible, and have been continuing to work out. It's the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which means me, getting down on the ground, and working out at home in front of the tube. Can't help it. I'm Canadian, and a hockey nut. So considering that my house is a mess, I've got a pile of laundry to the roof... I'm taking a break from the housework for a few minutes to blahg.

I've got exciting news!

I'm doing something that's quite risque for me! I'm doing a nude body painting session with an incredibly talented face and body painter, and doing a photoshoot with one of my favorite photographers! We set the date to the end of May, and let me tell you.... knowing that I have a deadline for whipping this body into shape is incredible inspiration to step it up a notch!

I've already noticed a lot of changes in my body- -all of my push-up attempts are paying off, I can see the muscle starting to form in my arms and chest! And my abs are coming in as well!

So it's crunch time (literally!). Time to get more serious about my health. Not just because of the photoshoot, but for my own sake! So I'm saying goodbye to the partying. No more booze. I'm also going to find out what the hell is wrong with my belly - my stomach has been a pain in my ass for months now, and I'm getting sick of worrying about being close to a bathroom at all times just in case my stomach decides to erupt at any moment. Not sure what it could be- -my doctor is checking for a lot of things, and I have to go for a few tests. So here's to hoping they figure out what on earth is going on, so I can get on track!!!

BTW..... the Banana Applesauce bread from the Eat-Clean Diet cookbook is SO GOOD. It's perfect, moist and tasty. I also made my own Breakfast Bars from a past edition of Clean Eating Magazine. Meals on-the-go just got more delicious!!

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